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Our menu selections change routinely but generally include:

Chef Crafted Meals – chose from 30 or more options

A la Carte or Bulk – pick and choose from over 20 bulk proteins, carbs and veggies

Custom Meals and Breakfast – create your own plates to fit your unique taste or nutrition desires.

Absolutely! We make these beauties to order. Have one for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as needed! Build these meals to your unique taste or nutrition profile and let our onsite macro calculator help you design your best combinations.

Here are some examples of what you’ll find to build your dream plate:

Proteins (3-10oz options) – Beyond Meat Vegan Patty, Brisket, Chicken, Cod, Ground Beef, Ground Bison, Ground Turkey, Salmon, Shrimp, Sliced Chicken, Steak or Turkey Breast

Breakfast – Egg Whites, Whole Eggs or Turkey Bacon

Carbs (¼-1c or 2-8oz options)– Brown or White Rice, Jasmine Saffron Rice , Gluten-Free Penne Pasta, Quinoa, Sweet Potato Mash, Diced Red Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

Breakfast – Protein Pancakes or Oatmeal

Veggies – Asparagus, Broccoli, Green Beans or Kyoto Blend

Each plate holds up to 16 ounces or 2 cups depending on the combination and type of products selected.

This isn’t a simple question because the answer depends on a few factors. Are you picking up from one of our retail locations or are we shipping to you somewhere in the continental US? One thing for certain is that every single plate we make has an expiration/freeze by date clearly noted. But here are a few key points depending on how you receive your product:

Shipping – the expiration date on shipped meals will arrive to you with no less than 5 days until they should be consumed or frozen (for up to 6 months).

Retail Pick-Up – the expiration date on meals in stores will typically range from 4-12 days until they should be consumed or frozen (for up to 6 months).

Occasionally you may find short-date (1-2 days until expiration) plates on special, but we promise you’ll have at least 3 full days on our Chef Crafted meals.

Absolutely! You can freeze REDCON1 Meals for up to six months as long as you freeze them prior to the printed expiration date on each plate. Each meal is vacuum sealed, meaning no freezer burn or “freezer taste”.


All of our meals are fully cooked and designed for quick, easy microwave heating. Specific instructions are located on the label of all Chef Crafted Meals.

Refrigerated or thawed Chef Crafted Meals will require 2-2.5 minutes in the microwave and frozen Chef Crafted Meals will require 3-4 minutes.

Custom Breakfast or Custom Meal times may vary based on the plate content and total quantity.

Alternative heating methods can also be used, for example:

Stovetop: If you enjoy the addition of sauces or dry spices, the stove-top is your best friend! To begin, remove the film, place food in a medium-high skillet, and cover. Stir occasionally until food reaches desired temperature.

Air fryer: You’ve got to try this one! Preparation is similar to the stovetop. Remove film, place food in an air fryer basket, heat until warm. Some say that the air fryer results in a “fresher” taste than any other method.

Food allergies

We take allergens and the health of our clients seriously and want to ensure you are able to make informed decisions.

Our protein snacks, Chef Crafted Meals, and A la Carte allergens and ingredients are listed online as well as on each label. Custom Breakfast & Custom Meal allergens and ingredients are also listed online, but are not included on the label (due to limited space).

If you have any questions, every product page contains information about the allergens and ingredients. If you have additional questions or would like more detail about our production and fulfillment processes, please reach out directly to us on (855) 733-2661 or email and our Customer Support Team will be happy to chat with you.

A lot of our meals are gluten free. The full ingredients list for every item is available online so you are able to make the best decision for your needs. Allergens are also listed separately for each item.

We’re happy to discuss our products and/or your needs individually any time. Simply call us at (855) 733-2661 or email and our Customer Support Team will be there to serve you.


As many as you want! Our boxes are designed for 8, 12, or 24 meals and if ordering more than 24 plates at a time or any combination of meals and other products, multiple boxes may be shipped.

Our Customer Support Staff are here to help! Whether you have a product, order or delivery issue, reach out to us on (855) 733-2661 or email within 48 hours of delivery.

To help us help you, please be prepared to share details including photos or videos when possible. Our goal is to fix your issue and ensure it doesn’t happen again to another customer so details matter!


We ship via FedEx and USPS throughout the contiguous United States. Certain areas in Alaska and Hawaii may be available but please contact us before placing your order to confirm the availability of safe arrival for your desired products.

Yes. Provided that the hotel is within the contiguous United States and the hotel has advised you that they will accept packages for guests.

Please contact the hotel and confirm that they are willing and able to receive a package for you. You should also confirm the acceptance of packages containing dry ice (required for meals) and if you are required to check-in prior to package arrival (some hotels will not accept responsibility prior to check-in).

It depends on the order and other factors related to the shipment. If shipped together with meals, your order will arrive on the selected delivery date via FedEx Ground, Standard Overnight or Priority Overnight service. If, however, our fulfillment team ships the non-meals separately, they will arrive via FedEx Ground or USPS and the delivery date is not guaranteed. You will receive an email with tracking information for all packages.

Call or email our Customer Support Team any time. If your shipment tracking number has details about a delivery exception, you may also contact the carrier direct for additional details or possible pickup opportunities.

FedEx Priority Overnight Arrives Thursday by 12:00pm

FedEx Standard Overnight Arrives Thursday by 8:00pm

FedEx Ground or Home Arrives Thursday by 10:00pm

US Postal Service Arrives by Thursday 10:00pm

(855) 733-2661 or email


A delicious new menu every week, prepared fresh by our expert chefs.


Your meals. Prepared exactly your way.  Customized to your specification.


Looking for bulk proteins or veggies? No worries, shop a la carte.